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We know that preparing for law examinations can be very stressful.

Adding to the anxiety is the fact that many students will fail their examinations.

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From C.: Brian, I never would have made it through the law degree without your advice and support. Thanks again.

From L.: I was very grateful for your help Brian.


Brian Risman, the Publisher of The Law Journal UK, will provide you with one-to-one intensive, interactive preparation (via e-mail) for your examinations. We support all students studying UK Law.

Brian is an Honours LLB (Bachelor of Laws) graduate from the University of London, and obtained his LLM (Master of Laws) at the same institution.

Brian is the author of "Of Law, Liberty and Morality", available on Amazon.


Brian has briefed the House of Lords with recommendations on the proposed rules for the new United Kingdom Supreme Court.

He has also authored seminars on Copyright: Software Licensing and Credit Card Fraud.

Brian has also spoken at Legal Conferences in the UK and abroad.

 In addition, Brian is a member of the Society of Legal Scholars of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The fee for this service is 150 pounds sterling, payable via the secure PayPal service.

This fee will cover examination practice for all of your courses this year. We provide examination questions that you would attempt. We would then critique your responses, helping you improve and prepare for the exams.

If you need other assistance, such as help with understanding course content, we can discuss your need for an alternative package. Please contact Brian Risman to discuss. Click here to view our other packages.

The goal is for you to succeed!

Please note that alternative payment and instruction arrangements can be negotiated. Please contact Brian Risman to discuss.

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