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Common Law School Course Tutoring

LLB, JD, LSAT - for UK and International (including US) law schools

University of London LLB Teaching Institution

Do you need assistance with your law school courses? Or do you need help preparing for the LSAT? Or are you considering law school?

Have you considered -- or used -- tutorial colleges, but found them far too expensive and lacking the one-on-one assistance and depth of content that you need?

Are you worried that the vast majority of law students never finish -- indeed, fail -- their programme?

If that is the case, consider one-on-one tutoring (via e-mail) with the Publisher of The Law Journal UK and The Law Student UK, Brian Risman. Brian is an Honours LLB graduate from the University of London. He has also authored seminars for a third-year IT Law Course at the University of Southampton on Copyright: Software Licensing and Credit Card Fraud. In addition, Brian is a member of the Society of Legal Scholars of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

We are also a Teaching Institution for the University of London LLB External programme. If you are interested in pursuing a law degree with a highly regarded university which has pursued distance education since 1858, Click Here.

Brian is willing to provide intensive one-to-one assistance at a rate far less than the cost of a tutorial college,  for students studying in common law schools, whether in the UK or worldwide, including the United States.

My goal is for you to succeed!

Tuition is offered at three different levels.

Tutoring at all levels will be personalised to meet your needs, but would include ad hoc questions on your part as well as tutorial questions in examination format -- both case and essay -- for you to work through. Your answers would be reviewed by me and discussed with you in order for you to succeed in the exams. As well, essential and valuable tips for writing the law exams will be provided throughout the tutoring.

Level 1 (recommended):

You will receive intensive 1:1 tutoring via e-mail for the courses following the UK LLB syllabus.

You will also receive a weekly lecture and assignment, which would be due the following week.

You will also regularly attempt exam-type questions (on a monthly basis), which will be marked as such.


This degree of intensive study is essential for success -- most students are simply unprepared for writing their law exams, and do not succeed.

A law exam is a very different experience than the regular post-secondary or tertiary examination.

We will prepare you to think like a lawyer, so that you can succeed and prosper.


Please note that this offering is more than the selling of canned lectures and a few assignments, something seen all too often.

Students need full support, not simply an impersonal tape with a limited number of assignments.


The next levels of support are as follows:



Level 2A : Weekly Lectures Only

Level 2B: Examination Assignments (once per month)



Level 3: Ad Hoc Support.

This option would suit those already

taking lectures, but wanting additional support.


Secure and Confidential Payment is via PayPal -- at a flat rate covering all courses for the next year -- there are no additional charges -- which entitles you to unlimited tutoring and support over the next year! Payment can be made by clicking on the button below.

Please note that alternative payment and instruction arrangements can be negotiated. Please contact Brian Risman to discuss.

Our Rates -- Value for your Legal Education!
Level 1 (recommended): 450 pounds sterling per year

Level 2A: 300 pounds sterling per year

Level 2B: 300 pounds sterling per year

Level 3 : 150 pounds sterling per year

For more information, please feel free to contact Brian Risman.